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At one point or another, you've spilled coffee on yourself while rushing to work.
“Tis the Season to Drink Coffee” Tra-la-la lah-la-la…ummm…okay so my singing might need work but the Brugo Mug doesn’t.
Anyone else hate having a burnt tongue all day from your morning coffee? I really like my coffee and tea nice and hot, but it's tricky to get it just right.
Next up, the Brugo mug. Any coffee drinker will love this innovative mug.
Help someone kick the disposable coffee cup habit for the holidays and give the ideal travel cup - the BRUGO Mug.

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What's Wrong with This Picture?

Do you know who this guy is? We don’t either. Don’t make the same mistake he did.
Man with Styrofoam Cup

He missed out and messed up because he didn’t buy a BRUGO travel mug. Styrofoam coffee cups don’t have perfect control to avoid messy coffee spills or a patented temperature chamber for maximum coffee taste.

Avoid mistakes. Look good, get there on time, and enjoy travel with a BRUGO travel mug. Order yours now right here.


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Women with Coffee MugAvoid storing coffee in the refrigerator. It may pick up the flavors of other foods that are stored. Plus, the cool and moist atmosphere will start the process of the beans breaking down.

Unroasted coffee beans are called green beans.

Keep away from storing your coffee in plastic or metal containers as the coffee will absorb the taste of the container it's stored in. Glass storage will let in too much light, which will change the taste of coffee, too!

Freeze your coffee beans if you will not brew them in about two weeks. To freeze, use an airtight container with as much air removed as possible. Frozen beans will last about a month or two. To grind, simply throw the frozen beans into your grinder.

Ground coffee will go stale quickly due to the amount of surface area exposed. Only use ground coffee if you plan to brew it in a few days.

Woman with Coffee Cup Buy coffee in small amounts to keep it fresh.

Roast coffee beans between 460 to 530 degrees. Roasting beans causes the sugars to caramelize and the coffee oils to release. The longer the roast, the darker the beans, and the richer the flavor.

Light roasts have sharper flavor and are more acidic than darker roasts, and are higher in caffeine too.

Enjoy your coffee at an ideal sipping temperature with a BRUGO travel mug. The mug has a patented temperature chamber designed for full flavor.


Tips & Techniques

Coffee, java, cuppa-joe.
Drip-brewed, percolated, or French-pressed.
Whatever you call it, however you brew it,
if you like it hot and want it on the go, you need a BRUGO travel mug.


Coffee Beans

 Follow these tips for maximum coffee flavor.

1) Start with a clean pot, regardless of what you’ve heard. Residue from previous coffee brewings leaves oils and coffee residue that may cause your coffee to taste off. To clean your pot, use soap sparingly. Be sure to rinse thoroughly, followed by a brief rinse with baking soda and water to neutralize remaining oils.

2) Use filtered water as it's chlorine free. Instead of buying bottled water, purchase a filter for your faucet to remove the chlorine.

3) Purchase high quality coffee, ideally coffee beans instead of ground. The beans retain their flavor longer, leading to a fresh brewed taste. If possible, buy coffee beans between 7 to 10 days after roasting. Store in an airtight ceramic container in a dry dark area, at room temperature.

4) Sip your coffee when it is between 150 to 170 degrees for full flavor. To keep your coffee at the ideal sipping temperature, be sure to invest in a BRUGO mug. The patented temperature chamber cools the coffee to the ideal temperature while the remaining coffee stays warm in the main chamber.

5) Travel and coffee mix well. To avoid spills, try a BRUGO travel mug. The simple to seal lid keeps coffee in the mug and fits into a standard size coffee holder. And, it’s always ready to sip at the perfect temperature.

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